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Dancing Christmas Tree Decorations

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Pull the string and watch them dance!


Fun and colourful pre-personalised dancing decorations with a jingle bell. Simply pull the coloured beaded cord and watch the legs and arms go up and down. Bright festive characters to choose from, personalised with popular childrens names alongside seasonal text.

Please note that the name you select is the title you will get. There are also blank options to choose from to write your name of choice on. Suitable for ages three and up. The Super-cute decorations will really make the festivities fun!

  • Bright and colourful dancing decorations.
  • Pre-personalised with popular childrens names.
  • Pull the string and watch the decoration dance.
  • Five characters to choose from, complete with a jingle bell.
  • There are blank, un-named characters for you to write in the name of your choice.